Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Rapper Saves Motorist In Diabetic Shock

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Rapper Saves Motorist In Diabetic Shock

Over the weekend, Layzie Bone, of the great Cleveland rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, was on his way to a show in Riverton, Wyoming, the sort of tidbit that makes me wish I knew more about Wyoming’s rap scene. On the road, he saw a driver swerve erratically and spin out. On the side of the road, Layzie stopped to aid the driver, learning that he’d gone into diabetic shock. Layzie gave the driver fruit and chocolate to help steady his blood sugar, and waited with him until help arrived. He may have saved the driver’s life. And then he made it to Riverton in time for the show. Below, read what Layzie wrote on Instagram about the experience and watch a local news broadcast that features an interview with Layzie.

Layzie writes:

Dear Lord, thank you for your mercy, grace and forgiveness for 2nd chances. We just witnessed a man 24 years old driving super erratically from Casper Wyoming to Riverton Wyoming. We thought he was a drunk doing 60mph when he spun out of control and did a complete 180• degrees, Thank God he didn’t flip he was 30 ft in front of us. Turns out after we stopped to check on him he was having a diabetic shock. Thanks to the EMS on the scene that happens to be driving right behind us from Indiana and the cute old couple in the RV for the apples and oranges we gave him. My heart is still racing. Again, thank you Jahovah for protecting this young man and thanks that we didn’t have to witness the worse. @TONYBFBG WHEW now let’s do this show. Be safe people Layzie loves ya.

“But Layzie Bone wasn’t lazy.” Small-town local news broadcasts are the best.

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