Watch Shamir Go Acoustic In His Take Away Show

Yesterday, Shamir released his debut album Ratchet, a great record of ebullient dance-pop. But Shamir wanted to be a country singer before he became a rising indie star, and his songs still work when you strip away all the cowbells and strutting basslines. Shamir proves that in the latest Take Away Show, the video series in which artists play their music unamplified, in natural light, in some public space. Shamir’s episode is the rare Take Away Show that wasn’t filmed in Paris. Instead, this one finds him walking along the Brooklyn waterfront, strumming an acoustic guitar and singing entire-solo versions of two Ratchet songs, “In For The Kill” and “Darker.” Shamir might not be what you’d call an accomplished guitarist, but his voice is great, and the songs are very pretty in this context. Watch the video below.

Ratchet is out now on XL.

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