Eddi Front – “Elevator” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Eddi Front’s “Elevator” glides in like a dream. Ivana Carrescia hasn’t missed a beat in the three quiet years since her debut EP, picking up the same woozy, understated headspace that made her first few songs so memorable. The video for the track is a beautiful, evocative thing. It begins with toes curled, peeking out from under the sheets — a cold winter’s morning, not being able to get out of bed. The act of stretching out after a restless sleep, but feeling no relief. We follow our protagonist to the woods, yarn braided through her hair. She tries to gain some control over her senseless surroundings, tying the string around her hands and playing puppetmaster over the water. Bubbles pop, a dull ache sets in. Craig Murray, who directed the clip, opts for all choppy cuts and stuttering, slow-motion captures — it feels like not being able to breathe, looking for escape. Watch below.

Eddi Front’s debut album will be released later this year. “Elevator” is available now.