Madeon Accuses Sony Music Of “Holding Artists Hostage” By Removing Their Music From SoundCloud

SoundCloud might be a great streaming platform for most of the world, but if you’re one of the people in charge of making sure money changes hands with the advent of this new technology, you’re probably not a fan. Earlier this month, Sony started taking down the SoundCloud streams of its major artists, and sources cite “a lack of monetization opportunities” as the reason. It won’t stop with those first few artists, and some of the musicians under Sony’s umbrella aren’t especially psyched about this new development. As FACT points out, the French dance producer Madeon, signed to the Sony label Columbia, took to Twitter to call out Sony for “holding your own artists hostage.” Here’s what he wrote

We don’t know much about Sony’s agreement, or lack thereof, with SoundCloud, but we do know that the label is pocketing a ton of money from its agreement with Spotify.