Worriers – “They / Them / Theirs”

Worriers – “They / Them / Theirs”

Gender is stupid. We need to throw the whole construct in the trash. Of course, that’s not going to happen for a very, very long time (if ever) so, until then, we’ll get songs rebelling against the shackles of a societally-imposed identity. Worriers got their start a few years ago with the same kind of shaggy, politically-charged punk that they’re still practicing today. They are finally getting around to putting out their debut full-length album, Imaginary Life, which was produced by Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, and “They / Them / Theirs” is the low-key lead single. “We are fighting between a rock and my father,” Lauren Denitzio sings right before the hook. “You are floating between two ends and your mother.” The song argues that we should buck the convention of definition — life is better, and more understanding, when everything is more fluid. Listen below.

Imaginary Life is out 8/7 via Don Giovanni.

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