Watch Neil Young Peform “Monsanto Years” & “Down By The River” At Anti-GMO Events In Maui

Watch Neil Young Peform “Monsanto Years” & “Down By The River” At Anti-GMO Events In Maui

At the beginning of the year, Neil Young announced that he would release a concept album alongside Micah and Lukas Nelson, the sons of his longtime friend and collaborator Willie Nelson. The Monsanto Years grapples with the environmental devastation wrought by an increasing dependence on agribusiness, a subject that has weighed heavily on Young’s mind lately — he wrote an angry screed about it last winter and performed at an anti-GMO rally (and then a surprise concert) in Maui this past weekend, where fans caught video of new and old material. Now Young has shared the tracklist and release date for the record, which is due in late June as a CD + DVD set, on vinyl, via iTunes, and (of course) on Pono. We already heard a few of the songs back in April, and Young previewed “Rock Starbucks” last week; now, watch Young play “The Monsanto Years” plus a rendition of “Down By The River” off of 1969’s Crazy Horse and check out The Monsanto Years tracklist below.

Hi God – Goddess, Yesterday, Neil Young and Daryl Hanah came to support Maui. Neil sang from his new album, " The Monsanto Years" and planted a ulu tree. The beginning of a healthy organic breadfruit tree.The ulu is the God Ku's body form and embraces the ancient Hawaiian culture. Enjoy Your Loving Pearls… NEIL YOUNG Born 11 + 12 + 1945 = 42/6 Life Path 11 – The Messenger of Light Intelligence. 12/3 – A creative soul singing the passion and love songs of the 1-2-3 trinity of the consciousness of the Universe. 1945 – 19/1 An explorer, pioneer and iconoclast who empowers others as a born leader. = 42/6 A loving man here to nurture all sentient beings to a healthy place to be and live safe on their land, in their homes and their hearts. " The Monsanto Years " is the new album of Neil Young, exposing this agricultural chemical company and other environment offenders. Support Neil and others on 5 + 24/6 + 2015 = 37/1 Universal Day to take action for the truth and Let the truth set us Free! Lv Photo by Fred Spanjaard of The Shaka Movement in Maui ?#?themonsantoyears? ?#?gmofreemaui? ?#?outgrowmonsanto? #julianmichael #solmagik #numerology

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Here’s the album art:

The Monsanto Years tracklist:
01 “A New Day For Love”
02 “Wolf Moon”
03 “People Want To Hear About Love”
04 “Big Box”
05 “A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop”
06 “Workin’ Man”
07 “Rules Of Change”
08 “Monsanto Years”
09 “If I Don’t Know”

The Monsanto Years DVD tracklist:
01 “Big Box”
02 “A Rock Star Bucks A Coffee Shop”
03 “Rules Of Change”
04 “Workin’ Man”
05 “Monsanto Years”
06 “A New Day For Love”
07 “Wolf Moon”
08 “People Want To Hear About Love”
09 “If I Don’t Know”

The Monsanto Years is out 6/29 via Reprise.

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