“Birchbox, But For Foodies Who Love Zwan”

Billy Corgan has outed himself as a lover of artisanal shit. As Exclaim points out, the legendary Smashing Pumpkins frontman curated a tasting box for the company Farm To People, a subscription service that delivers hand-picked small-batch goodies to your door each month. Corgan’s box retails for $129.95 and includes a selection of tea from his Chicago-based shop Madame Zuzu’s as well as an array of “unique vegan and paleo treats.” Among those treats are sprouted hazelnut butter, bourbon-smoked sea salt, and chunky coconut raw chocolate bars. Three buyers will receive a handwritten note from Corgan, too. Have a look at the Pumpkin-free selection below:

The basket is being marketed as a Father’s Day special, but if triple figures seems a little pricey, perhaps Dad could get by with the “Food Critic” tasting box Corgan curated for Farm To People’s monthly subscription service. That one will run you $49.95 for “tea from Madame Zuzu’s, along with many other small-batch surprises.” In a press release, Corgan explains he did all this because “all over the country, there are passionate makers creating wholesome, tasty products with real ingredients.”

Get the Father’s Day box here, sign up for the subscription box here, and read more at the Smashing Pumpkins’ website.

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