Young Thug Says His Next Mixtape Will Be Called Carter V

Young Thug Says His Next Mixtape Will Be Called Carter V

Lately, Young Thug and Lil Wayne have been at odds over album titles. Late last year, Wayne went public with the claim that he was a “prisoner” on Cash Money Records and that his longtime label was refusing to release his album Tha Carter V. So Wayne was pissed off when Young Thug, his stylistic descendent and the recent ally of Cash Money co-founder Birdman, announced that he’d be naming his next album Carter 6. That started out as a tribute, but it turned into something else. The album eventually came out, but Thug had to rename it Barter 6 after some unnamed party threatened legal action. But he may want to lawyer up. Thug says that he wants to release another mixtape before his new album Hy!£UN35 arrives in August. And he’s already chosen a name: Carter V. In the radio interview where he makes that claim, Thug says he has no formal agreement with Birdman, but the idea of a Young Thug Carter V coming out while a Lil Wayne Carter V stays on Birdman’s shelf is just crazy. Watch the interview below.

(via Complex)

Let’s all imagine Lil Wayne’s face as he hears this, and let’s all savor the image.

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