The Social Experiment’s Surf Is Finished

UPDATE: And it’s out now.

For what feels like forever, Chance The Rapper and his band, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, have been working on the forthcoming free album Surf. A month ago, Chance told a Michigan State University audience that the album would be out in less than a week. That didn’t happen. But now we at least know that Surf is done, so it could come out at any moment. Chance invited Andrew Barber, writer of the great Chicago rap blog Fake Shore Drive, to hear the whole thing, and Barber had some tantalizing things to say about it.

Writing on Fake Shore Drive, Barber pounds home the point that Surf is a full-band album, not a Chance The Rapper album, and that Trumpet really plays frontman. He says it’s a sonically lush album: “There’s a lot going on — layers upon layers of lush instruments, and distinctive sounds. Noises will emerge out of nowhere like a speeding Indy car zooming past you into the wall at 220 miles per hour… The groove, the soul and the funk of this project is rich and thick. It could’ve dropped in 1985 or 2015 — it’s timeless. It knows no limits.” That sounds pretty good!

There will also be a ton of guests on the album, though Barber isn’t naming names: “On Surf, many of your favorite rappers (young and old) joust with your favorite R&B singers (young and old) to make these tracks larger than life. Oh, he showed up? Wow, she’s here? How did Chance get him to appear? Your head will be spinning as the cast of characters is dizzying.” Now, let’s all get unreasonably excited together. Read the full piece at Fake Shore Drive.