Dan Svizeny – “Dreams Came True” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Dreams Come True” is a weird title for a rock song to have. We expect our rock to stick to the well-trod path of regret and surliness — looking back on things fondly isn’t really done. It’s hard to make out all of Dan Svizeny’s words under the fuzz, but the track certainly sounds hope. The way the chords in the chorus turn upward as a suggestion of something brighter on the horizon, and the muffled repetition of “1, 2, 3/ A, B, C” during the chorus suggest a more carefree attitude. But it’s not without some darkness: Svizeny recorded his new album, Whitecaps, while living alone on the Jersey shore, and both the freedom and alienation that comes with that kind of isolation comes through here. He takes everything from He takes everything from Every Weekend, his most recent solo release, and his past work as Cough Cool and blows it all up, burrowing himself even deeper into his own world. It sounds wonderful. Listen below.

Whitecaps is out on 6/30 via Group Tightener Records.

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