Mas Ysa – “Margarita (Delorean Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Thomas Arsenault wrote “Margarita” as a towering New Wave tribute to his mom, but when Delorean got their hands on the Mas Ysa track, they turned it inside out, de-emphasizing the melody in favor of atmosphere and infectious rhythm. That’s not to say there’s no harmonious goodness here, though; the real stars of this remix are the melancholy horn loop and eerie synths that descend upon the track like ghosts. By the time the gang vocal appears for the grand finale, drowning in watery rippling synths, they’ve built “Margarita” into an entirely different kind of epic. Listen below.

Mas Ysa’s Seraph is out 7/24 via Downtown.

Tags: Delorean, Mas Ysa