Watch Kendrick Lamar Rap Atop A Traffic Light Pole For “Alright” Video

In Kendrick Lamar’s last video, the great “King Kunta” clip, Lamar rapped from the rooftop of a closed-down Compton swap meet. He’ll do that one better in his new video for “Alright,” the Pharrell collaboration from his new album To Pimp A Butterfly. (It’s good to see that “Alright” is about to become a single; that’s a song that’ll sound great on the radio.) As Pitchfork points out, MTV reports that Lamar shot a scene from the video in L.A. yesterday, standing on a stoplight and hanging from a crane-suspended harness, rapping at a camera while cars zoomed by below him. That had to be for-real terrifying. Rap-Up also reports that Lamar did some shooting in Oakland last week, hanging upside down and suspended by wires. This video is going to rule. Watch some on-set footage below.

To Pimp A Butterfly is out now on TDE/Interscope.