DIIV Will Reenact Your Dreams For $10K

Have you ever had a dream about DIIV? If you have, then yours will be the easiest for the Brooklyn-based band to reenact. The band has offered up their acting talents as part of a Kickstarter fundraiser for Andrew Hoepfner’s surrealist immersive theatre performance, Houseworld. Essentially, a group of 30 guests enter a mansion and experience a “lucid dream,” walking through different rooms and observing the actions of different characters interspersed throughout. It sounds like an in-progress take on Sleep No More, an über-popular immersive retelling of Hamlet that takes place in New York’s McKittrick Hotel. In Houseworld, guests will encounter a variety of characters, such as The Spirit In The Attic, The Wind, Amaya, The Cook, The Bathtub Guru, AND, for the obscene price of $10,000, the members of DIIV will reenact the dreams of three separate individuals. On Kickstarter, Hoepfener states that donations will be used to make Houseworld a long-running performance that’s open to the public; previously it was invite-only. You can watch a trailer for Houseworld, featuring “The Bathtub Guru,” below. It’s pretty fucking creepy! In a Lynchian kind-of way.

UPDATE: DIIV Tweeted about their involvement with the project.

DIIV will release their sophomore album Is The Is Are this fall on Captured Tracks.