Hear Grey Worm From Game Of Thrones Sing On Sounwave-Produced Track

There are plenty of unconventional routes to rap or R&B stardom, but up until now, “playing a castrated super-soldier on a fantasy TV show” has not been one of them. But perhaps Raleigh Ritchie will break that glass ceiling. Ritchie is a singer and rapper from Bristol, and he plays Grey Worm, leader of Daenerys Targaryen’s Unsullied army on Game Of Thrones. Sadly, he does not rap in the Grey Worm voice, which would’ve been something to hear. Still, Ritchie just posted a new track called “Never Say Die,” and it’s produced by frequent Kendrick Lamar collaborator Sounwave, which automatically makes it a bit more legit than something like Hodor’s DJ career. Also: It’s pretty good! Listen to it below.

(via FADER)

There’s a second Ritchie/Sounwave collab coming, as well.