Failure – “Mulholland Drive”

Failure – “Mulholland Drive”

In 2014, Failure played their first show since their 1997 breakup, and they also began plotting a reunion album. The Heart Is A Monster will be out at the end of this month, and follows two singles that were released during their tour, “Come Crashing” and “The Focus.” We’ve already heard the forthcoming record’s first single, “Hot Traveler,” and today, Rolling Stone published an interview with the band along with a new song. Failure’s Ken Andrews told Dan Epstein about the inspiration behind the track:

What can you tell us about “Mulholland Dr.”?

To me, “Mulholland Dr.” is kind of the sister song to “The Nurse Who Loved Me” on Fantastic Planet. It was a fairly intact demo that Greg brought in, and it stuck out to me as something I could really sink my teeth into, in terms of producing and singing on it. With a lot of our songs, it’s not that easy to track what our direct influences are, but that one is not one of those songs. Someone was even yelling out in the crowd the other night, “Play that Pink Floyd Beatles song!” It’s also late-Sixties Beach Boys, too. It’s really that triangle of awesomeness, basically. And then, production-wise, there’s a little bit of Flaming Lips in there; some of the drums are in homage to the stuff Steven [Drozd] did in the Lips.

Listen below.

The Heart Is A Monster is out 6/30 via INgrooves’ INresidence label.

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