Gnarwhal – “Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy/Stella” (Stereogum Premiere)

Gnarwhal – “Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy/Stella” (Stereogum Premiere)

Nashville’s Gnarwhal are an ambitious band; using a single guitar and drums, the duo harbor a sound so tenacious that its rhythmic technicality is easily overlooked due to the sheer power of their overall sound. Gnarwhal’s most recent release came in the form of a Community Records split alongside their Southern brethren Woozy and Ex-Breathers, as well as Connecticut’s Ovlov (RIP). And recently, the band announced they’ll drop a new LP at the end of June on DIY-mainstay labels Flannel Gurl and Exploding In Sound. The album’s delightfully titled debut single, “Anal Riffage,” dropped a few weeks ago, and today, we’re premiering “Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy/Stella.” The song is an origin story of sorts, and Gnarwhal’s guitarist and vocalist Chappy Hull told us a bit about the positive motivations behind his just-barely distinguishable lyrics:

When the other two members of Gnarwhal quit a week before a five-week-long tour, I went to drummer Tyler Coburn’s for five days straight and figured out how to do it just the two of us. This was the second song we ever wrote as a two-piece and it’s pretty different than it was back then. It’s named after Tyler’s dogs.

“Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy/Stella” is about looking at your life and thinking you’ve done something wrong but in reality just being too harsh on yourself. It makes me think if you’re always gonna have fun tomorrow every day will be a good day.

Listen to “Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy/Stella” below.

Shinerboy is out 6/23 via Flannel Gurl (vinyl)/Exploding In Sound (cassette).

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