Beach Moon/Peach Moon – “Philosophy At 23 At 24″ (Stereogum Premiere)

Beach Moon/Peach Moon originally began as the solo project of San Francisco-based songwriter Robert Prisco, and eventually blossomed into a full band. The more robust sound suits the music well, tempering Prisco’s contemplative and observational lyrics with an elegances that rises to their heady themes. “Philosophy At 23 At 24″ isn’t the best showcase for Prisco’s meandering musings, but what it lacks in poetics it makes up for by hammering its point home through repetition. “The glass is always full of something” goes the mantra on the first half, a glimmering paean to optimism. “Don’t forget the air is all around you — just breathe” takes up the back half, a similar sentiment that’s met with a graceful duet. It’s rare that you get a song that drips with as much warmth as this does without becoming overly sentimental, but the lush instrumentation and incisive picking keeps things floating along weightlessly. Listen below.

Kite Without A String is out 6/29 via Paper Trail Records.