Jawbreaker Reunion – “Your X” (Stereogum Premiere)

Jawbreaker Reunion – “Your X” (Stereogum Premiere)

Around this time last year, we named Jawbreaker Reunion a band to watch based on the strength of their incisive and wickedly fun debut album, Lutheran Sisterhood Gun Club. Since then, I’ve seen them live a handful of times, and each performance has been better than the last — they’ve grown as musicians and as people, and that maturity comes through on their newer songs. The Republican National Convention split from earlier this year was a big step forward, and “Your X” is yet another milestone. Vocalist/songwriter Bella Mazzetti describes the new track as such: “It is about acknowledging a shitty situation where you aren’t being treated the way you deserve to be, but finding empowerment in that acknowledgment even when you feel unable to act.” That feeling of being trapped is echoed in the song, which has a dulled, burnt out edge unlike any JBR track that’s come before. “I feel contempt for myself without you next to me/ I feel okay with myself only when I’m laying next to you,” Mazzetti flatlines. “You love me when we’re alone.” There’s comfort in inaction, and familiarity in distress. Listen below.

“Your X” is from Jawbreaker Reunion’s new EP haha then what 😉, which is out later this summer.

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