Shura – “White Light”

Alexandra Denton looks like a cross between a late ’60s superhero sketch and a Sailor Moon guest star in the cover art for Shura’s new song. Usually, I find single artwork superfluous — boring even. A song shouldn’t be tied to a single image, and the image will be mostly meaningless after the initial tie-in. Anyway, I chucked all that out of the window upon seeing that illustration matched with the seven-minute moody chameleon it announces. “White Light” doesn’t have a whiff of the pearly waffling that made “2Shy” endearing. Instead, it’s like the Millennium Falcon of space-referencing pop songs, incorporating nods to old school grooves and funk guitar licks into an ostensibly modern synth-pop sound. Just wait till it hits hyper speed around the six-minute-mark, though.

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