Read An Email Conversation Between Father John Misty & John C. Reilly

California Sunday Magazine’s project The Thread has facilitated email conversations between Bethany Cosentino and Molly Ringwald, Al Yankovic and Scott Aukerman, and Ben Gibbard and Mark Kozelek, among many others so far. Their latest thread is between Father John Misty and actor John C. Reilly. They talk about their given names, religion, and medieval history. They also go on a lot about the Beatles — here’s FJM on why he can’t pick a favorite one:

…when it comes to the Beatles, I think love of them individually is kind of in constant flux. Different Beatles for different phases of life. George comes to the forefront in times of spiritual or ideological journeyman-ing (or when you’re identifying as an underdog), and Paul, for example, really hits home when you’re five or six years old.

About once a year I pick up one of the many Beatles books lying around my house, and before you know it I’m lying in bed for a week bingeing on mythology until I get to “I don’t believe in Beatles” and the whole thing evaporates. It really is a pocket symphony soundtrack to the modern hero’s journey™.

Read the whole thread here.