Foo Fighters Are Making Sonic Highways 2, Maybe In The UK

Foo Fighters Are Making Sonic Highways 2, Maybe In The UK

Last year, the Foo Fighters made an album, Sonic Highways, that they put together by recording in the iconic studios of eight different American cities. And frontman Dave Grohl also made an HBO show, also called Sonic Highways, in which he documented the album’s creation but also interviewed the luminaries of all these different cities, tracing their musical histories through his personal point-of-view. It was a pretty bad album but a pretty great TV show. And now he’s saying that he’ll do it again, though he doesn’t know when. During a recent NME interview, Grohl said that there would definitely be a new Sonic Highways season. (He didn’t say anything about an album, but they way he talked about it sure made it sound like they’d do that, too.) He talked about the possibility of doing an international version, or one focused entirely on the UK. And in the interview, the band also spoke fondly of the idea of continuing to tour but no longer making records at all. Watch it below.

If recording new music is such a pain-in-the-ass obligation for Grohl, maybe he should just stop? It’s not like those last couple of Foo Fighters albums saved anyone’s life.

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