Ronnie Stone & The Lonely Riders – “Live 2 Ride | Ride 2 Live”

Ronnie Stone is a mysterious mustachioed Brooklyn keytaur wizard, and his Lonely Riders are a band made up of various Brooklyn musicians, some of whom may play in bigger bands. They’ve taken care to cloak the whole project in mystery, but they’ve taken just as much care to evoke the smeary, synthy textures of mid-’80s adult-contemporary pop. This is, in other words, a DIY group that sounds like some strange combination of early Depeche Mode and peak Richard Marx. We’ve posted their tracks “Kiss The Daddy” and “<3 Race. Cold Sweat. Nu Dance. Do It.” Below, listen to a third song, the dripping ballad “Live 2 Ride | Ride 2 Live.”

(via SPIN)

The band’s album Motorcycle Yearbook is out 8/21; you can pre-order it here.