Happy Diving – “So Bunted” (Stereogum Premiere)

Happy Diving put out Big World on Father/Daughter last year, and they deservedly got a lot of attention for their scuzzy, fun, and often poignant debut. Now, they’re moving on up to Topshelf Records and releasing a new 7-inch on the label, with “So Bunted” serving as the A-side. Most of their tracks start out with a flash of feedback as a callback to their raucous live performances, and this one’s no different as a warped guitar sets the stage for the band to roar in with a kickass riff. “I don’t miss you when I’m all alone,” Matt Berry deadpans on the first line. “The past few weeks have been all I know/ It’s hard to move on when I’m in my zone/ It’s hard to be missed when you’re never gone.” The San Francisco band has a knack for succinct melancholy, and they capture the aimless, can’t-get-out-of-bed feeling well here while still sounding invigorating and fresh. The band recorded these two tracks in four hours with Jack Shirley, who also worked with them on their debut, and they sound energetic and urgent in a way that feels like it could have been taken directly from one of their live shows. Listen below.

Happy Diving’s “So Bunted” 7-inch is out 7/17 via Topshelf Records.

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