Voice Coils – “An Atrium” (Feat. Mitski) (Stereogum Premiere)

Like much of Voice Coils’ work, “An Atrium” unfolds in movements. It’s easy to envision this song as a kaleidoscope — not in a typified psychedelic, “trippy” sense, but rather as a claustrophobic, gothic echo chamber of sounds that throw themselves together to create infinite numbers of unique rearrangements. Inaugurated by a woman’s disquieting vocals, the song spirals in-and-out of control as cramped arrangements expand and contract accordingly. The vocalist featured on this single just so happens to be Mitski Miyawaki, whose album Bury Me At Makeout Creek made it onto our 50 Best Albums of 2014 list, and whose solo career has taken off at such a rapid pace that she’s no longer performing with Voice Coils. Fortunately, that doesn’t detract from the band’s already impressive lineup of local players, most of whom perform in other better-known rising and defunct Brooklyn bands; Sam Garrett and Caley Monahon-Ward (of Extra Life, Feast Of The Epiphany), Kelly Moran (of Cellular Chaos), Kevin Wunderlich (of Epistasis, Couch Slut), and Cameron Wisch (of Porches), all make up Voice Coils. The band will release their Heaven’s Sense EP at the end of June on the local label Shatter Your Leaves. Listen to “An Atrium” below.

The Heaven’s Sense EP will be out 6/30 via Shatter Your Leaves. Preorder it here.

[Photo by Joanne Leah]