Beck – “Dreams”

Beck – “Dreams”

Last year, after Beck released his somber and lovely comeback album Morning Phase (which controversially won the Album Of The Year Grammy) there was word that he was readying another album more in the funky party-music vein. We still don’t know if that “boisterous” album is on the way, but Beck just released a new single into the world after teasing it with some zany artwork last week. It’s the first new music from the man since the Grammy win. “Dreams” is a big, slick number that throws Beck’s voice over some liquid disco-funk guitars and a high-stepping stadium-rock drum beat. It might be the most straight-up, unashamedly pop song the man has ever written, even if it does go through some ambitious changes. And if it sounds a bit like MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” that’s not a coincidence. Listen to it below.

No word yet on that album, but Beck tells Alt 98.7, “I think it’s probably the opposite [of Morning Phase]. I mean I was really trying to make something that would be good to to play live.”

“Dreams” is out now at iTunes.

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