Band Of Horses Will Appear In Sunday’s Veep Season Finale

Band Of Horses will make an appearance in the season finale of Veep, which airs this Sunday on HBO. Lead singer Ben Bridwell told Billboard he has a few friends who work on the show, which is why they tapped his band to play during an election night party. Bridwell himself will also have a line of dialogue in the show He wasn’t a fan of Veep before, but he is now:

To be honest I had never seen the show, but that’s just because I don’t see a lot of shows. I was very much coming into it blind. I spent the day before kind of cramming, and watching episode after episode — from the beginning. I think I watched the whole damn [series], up to the new one being filmed. I became a fan instantly, it’s fucking hilarious. I’ve been watching this season as a dedicated follower of the show — until this week, I might have to avoid it. We’ll see.