Kevin Parker Surprised, Confused By Tame Impala Royalties Lawsuit

Earlier this month, BMG sued Modular Recordings and its founder Steve “Pav” Pavlovic over missing royalties that were meant to be paid out to Tame Impala but never were. Today, frontman Kevin Parker opened up to about his knowledge of the case: “When it actually hit the surface, and everyone knew about it, I was as surprised. I didn’t know they were going to sue anyone, I didn’t know there was going to be any suing going on, so I was as surprised and interested as anyone,” he said.

Parker initially mentioned the situation with his royalties back in April during a Reddit AMA. “I knew there was some stuff going on, obviously, and we knew it was going to happen, we knew something was on the horizon… We just didn’t know what was going to happen with it,” he told “As far as I was concerned I’d written off that side of things, I’d heard that some money had gone missing, blah blah blah, that’s all I really thought about it.”

He also admitted that he still wasn’t completely sure about the admittedly confusing details of the case, and why he doesn’t much care about the outcome because of that:

To begin with, it’s complicated, it’s so complicated. Put it this way, I’ve had it explained to me a number of times, how the money went missing and where it went and why it went missing, but about 30 seconds into the explanation I’m just lost because there’s a difference between mechanical royalties and songwriting royalties.

It gets extremely technical extremely quickly, and that’s why I’m not that interested in it. I’ve been okay, I’m doing fine, you know, I’m getting by, I can pay for my dinner. In the end, I’m lucky enough to travel the world and make albums, and not have to worry about not having a job. Whilst it is naive that I don’t give a shit about that much money that’s gone missing, I just find it counter-productive to get worked up over it. They’re just gonna battle it out and do their thing, I’m a spectator at this point.

Though he does have some feelings about the whole situation: “It’s not frustrating, that’s not the word, it’s just… that’s the way it is. It’s one of those things that I accept.”