Miguel – “Coffee” Video

Miguel’s new album WILDHEART is very good and builds on the heady tangle of psychedelia and R&B that he already established on foundational album Kaleidoscope Dream. “Coffee” is the lead single off this album, and despite that hiccup with the Wale verse, it’s shaping up to be a contender for the sexiest song of the summer. The video does it further justice, portraying Miguel and his blue-haired muse in the shower, tussling in bed, and falling in love bathed in the blue light of a neon cross. I never really noticed how much religious imagery there is in the lyrics until that cross kept popping up during their make-out sessions. The real beauty of this song, though, is that despite celebrating the sexuality the couple shares, it zeroes in on the tiny pleasure of sharing coffee together the next day. It’s filled with a romantic, sexy mess of longing while still illuminating the day-to-day details of what makes a relationship really worthwhile. There’s not even a single cup of coffee in the video, though, which I found disappointing. Watch it below.

WILDHEART will be out 6/29 via RCA. Pre-order it here and get half the album instantly — “Coffee” plus the five other songs Miguel shared this morning.

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