Arca, Evian Christ Discuss Red Bull’s Growing Presence At Music Events

Over the past few years, Red Bull has made their mark on the music world — between events, a company-owned studio and label, and their own music website, the energy drink company has become a staple sponsor at pretty much anywhere that would be synonymous with music. Their impact on the electronic music sphere is especially pronounced and, as The Fader points out, Arca took to Twitter today to question what implications that has. Fellow producer Evian Christ also weighed in with some opinions, and their conversation is an enlightening look at the pressures artists are facing to make money in a world that’s less interested in buying actual music and more interested in investing in experiences. Check it out below:

For what it’s worth, I’ve been to a number of Red Bull-sponsored events — including PC Music’s POP CUBE event last month — and, while you definitely can’t walk into one of them and not know it’s sponsored by Red Bull, I’ve found that they’re one of the companies that seems to do the whole “branded content thing” the most organically. They also have a habit of latching onto some pretty out-there artists that probably do need an extra push. But Arca and Evian Christ definitely raise some interesting points and, as we approach a time when these sponsorships are the norm (if we’re not there already), it’s something to keep in mind.