Watch Franz Ferdinand & Sparks Perform 3 Songs At Last Night’s First FFS Show

The new Franz Ferdinand/Sparks supergroup FFS played live for the first time last night (outside of an appearance on Jools Holland last month) at the Arts School is Glasgow. They played pretty much all of the tracks off of their self-titled debut, which was released a few weeks back, plus some solo Franz Ferdinand and Sparks cuts. You can watch clips of them performing “Things I Won’t Get,” “Save Me From Myself,” and “So Desu Ne,” and check out a setlist for the night below.

“Police Encounters”
“Johnny Delusional”
“Man Without A Tan”
“Do You Want To” (Franz Ferdinand cover)
“Things I Won’t Get”
“Collaborations Don’t Work”
“Save Me From Myself”
“This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us” (Sparks cover)
“Little Guy From The Suburbs”
“Take Me Out” (Franz Ferdinand cover)
“Dictator’s Son”
“Power Couple”
“When Do I Get To Sing ‘My Way'” (Sparks cover)
“Call Girl”
“Piss Off”
“So Desu Ne”
“The Number One Song In Heaven” (Sparks cover)
“Michael” (Franz Ferdinand cover)

FFS is out now via Domino.