Katie Dey – “unkillable” Video

Last week, we were introduced to the weirdly wonderful world of Katie Dey through her debut release, asdfasdf, and now the Melbourne-based songwriter has shared a video for “unkillable,” a squelching cut from the album. Gorgeously illustrated by Toby Garrow, the clip opens on a forest of paper trees as an animated woodsmen lumbers forth with an axe, attempting to cut through a stump but getting sucked into the forest instead. What follows is a series of swift metamorphoses, from flowers to bunnies to a deer to a mushroom, ending up right where it began. Omne vivum ex vivo — all life comes from life. Watch below.

(via Noisey)

asdfasdf is out now. Orchid Tapes will be putting it out on tape at the end of the month.