Palehound – “Molly” (Stereogum Premiere)

Palehound – “Molly” (Stereogum Premiere)

Palehound’s debut Bent Nail EP was a charming release, one that showed off Ellen Kempner’s inimitable songwriting skills while playing it a bit fast and loose with the hooks. In the intermittent two years, she’s fleshed out her sound — first with last year’s first with last year’s Kitchen 7″, and now with Dry Food, her upcoming first official full-length — and, on lead single “Molly,” she sounds better than ever. Kempner is long-time friends (and current roommates) with Speedy Ortiz’s Sadie Dupuis, and it’s clear that they’ve been watching each other closely. “Molly” features the same kind of seasick, pointed instrumentals of a Speedy song, and the caustic lyricism to match. “Ooooooh, selfish Molly,” Kempner decries the titular character. “Milking all the dudes ’til the bruise.” She urges you to take her side, fuck that selfish Molly. “‘Cause she only knows how to love all alone, in a bed stained by old friends — I swear you better stick with me.” That last line sticks out with a jagged edge, persuasive and enticing if you’re in the mood to get cut. Listen below.

01 “Molly”
02 “Healthier Folk”
03 “Easy”
04 “Cinnamon”
05 “Dry Food”
06 “Dixie”
07 “Cushioned Caging”
08 “See Konk”

Dry Food is out 8/14 via Exploding In Sound. Preorder it here.

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