Is Noel Gallagher Working With Jamie xx?

Yesterday, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds headlined Best Kept Secret Festival in the Netherlands. Dutch site 3voor12 got a chance to speak to him while he was there, and in the interview, he dropped a few major hints about a forthcoming album with a “mystery producer.” He seemed pretty reluctant to talk about it “in case it amounts to nothing,” but after some coaxing, he did joke that “I can tell you it’s not fucking Timbaland, or Jay-Z.” When the interviewer says that she could see him working with Four Tet or Jamie xx, Noel responds, “Did you just say Jamie xx? Yeah, well, no comment.” She asks what’s wrong with Jamie xx, and Noel replies, “Nothing, I think he’s brilliant,” before repeating “No comment” with a little smirk when the interviewer asks if she guessed correctly. Obviously, that’s nothing definite, and even if it’s true it doesn’t seem like things are too far along yet, but it sounds intriguing! You can watch the full interview below; the relevant bits about new material begin around the 2:30 mark.