Check Out Craig Finn & Marnie Stern In Seamless Subway Ads

If you’ve been in the New York subway sometime in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen an ad for the online food ordering service Seamless. Their ad campaign seems targeted largely towards (gag at the use of this term) “millennials,” referencing things like subreddits and memes and generally painting a picture of their customer base (perhaps accurately) as internet-savvy antisocial shut-ins too anxious to venture outside or pick up a phone. And in their latest bid for hipness, they’ve rolled out some new ads featuring indie icons like Marnie Stern and the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn. That’s a pronunciation-cautious Finn in the picture at the top of this post — taken by our very own Michael, who reacted by pronouncing “Wtf?” — and you can see Marnie’s ad via her Instagram below.

The 8g band seamless ad is up on subways. Woot woot @latenightseth @8gband @seth_jabour @sydfkr @djejnyc

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