Father John Misty Explains The Origin Of His Great New Arcade Fire Cover

Father John Misty debuted his great new cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs” earlier this week and, in a new interview with NME, he opened up about the inspiration behind choosing the song, and it turns out to have been for completely mundane, contractual reasons. Basically, his manager said he had to do a cover for the CBC, and that it had to be from a Canadian artist. After Neil Young and Leonard Cohen got shot down as options, he ended up on Arcade Fire, as he had been hanging out with Win Butler shortly before shooting.

“That’s how these radio things go,” he explained. “And then, on the internet, it gets spun into this like … ‘I just love doing these covers, I got so many under my belt, I just love whipping ‘em out at a moment’s notice and regaling the internet with reappropriated music.’ But I do love that song, and I really enjoy performing it.”

Watch the full segment below.