Ought – “Beautiful Blue Sky”

Ought – “Beautiful Blue Sky”

Ought’s debut full-length was released in 2014 and is, at its core, a testament of human resiliency. More Than Any Other Day is fraught with anxiety bordering on despair, but at certain points throughout, all of that darkness produces more than a few positive turns-of-phrase. Ought can’t help but look on the bright side, so songs about crippling depression or mundane daily tasks are never as dark as one might expect from a post-punk band. Ought just announced that they will release the follow-up to More Than Any Other Day on the Montreal-based label Constellation Records. The new album is titled Sun Coming Down and “Beautiful Blue Sky” is its first single. Lyrically, it’s a song centered around a series of observations — light clinging to someone’s shoulders, a high-rise condo, a big, beautiful, blue sky — but it’s also a multi-layered critique of development and unending consumerism. Another perfect happy-sad song; listen below.

Sun Coming Down tracklist:
01 “Men For Miles”
02 “Passionate Turn”
03 “The Combo”
04 “Sun’s Coming Down”
05 “Beautiful Blue Sky”
06 “Celebration”
07 “On The Line”
08 “Never Better”

Sun Coming Down is out 9/18 via Constellation Records.

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