Nine Inch Nails Ask Canadian Politicians To Stop Using NIN Logo On Novelty T-Shirts

A trio of Canadian politicians got asked to stop after posing with a campaign t-shirt that used the Nine Inch Nails logo. The photo of Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley showing off the shirt went viral a few weeks back, and Reznor’s team followed up by sending “a very polite letter” asking them to refrain from using the logo. It displayed their iconography with the names of Nenshi, Notley, and Edmonton mayor Don Iveson above the tagline “Building Alberta Together.”

The mayor’s office said that only three copies of the shirt were made as personal gifts to the politicians, and that Reznor had no problem with that. What he did have a problem with was an unaffiliated third party selling a copy of the same t-shirt online. “Apparently it seems some people have been selling this shirt,” Nenshi told Global Calgary. “Don’t do that. So if you’re someone on a website selling this t-shirt, quit it.”

“He basically just said, ‘Please don’t use our logo — don’t use it for any purposes. It’s protected,'” a spokesperson for one of the politicians said.

And that’s that! A very amicable and Canadian way of handling things.