DJs Are Trolling EDM Fans With Spandau Ballet Drops

DJs Are Trolling EDM Fans With Spandau Ballet Drops

You know how it is. You’re at the club. Sweaty bodies are writhing everywhere around you. Lights are flashing. The beat is about to drop. Everything is building up to this one moment of beautiful abandon. And then…the sweet, sweet sounds of Spandau Ballet’s classic 1983 new wave ballad “True.”

That’s exactly what you would’ve experienced had you been at the impeccably-named Australian DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher’s set at a festival in Brisbane earlier this week. A video they posted of the crowd working itself into an ecstatic frenzy before emitting a collective sigh of disappointment when “True” kicks in has gone viral, getting picked up by sites like The Independent and Complex.

But the funny thing is, this isn’t even the first time it’s happened. Last October, EDM duo Adventure Club cut directly from DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s ubiquitous hit “Turn Down For What” to “True,” with Lil Jon interjecting “Turn down for what!” every so often. And just a few days later, some guy called DJ Mallon did the exact same thing. So I guess DJs trolling their fans with Spandau Ballet fake-out drops is just a thing that is happening now? Like, okay, sure. I unabashedly love “True,” and honestly, I’d be way more likely to go to an EDM show if I thought that I might get to hear it. Watch all three Spandau-troll incidents below.

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