David Crosby Still Really Hates Kanye West

As nice as it is that he’s willing to answer fan questions, someone needs to take David Crosby’s Twitter handle away. Bury it, burn it, do something, because the man is making out to seem like a total curmudgeon. After tweeting some beyond-snide comments about Kanye West in response to a fan’s question back in March, Crosby went on to compliment a bunch of other people. What do Wilco, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Billy Joel, and Mumford & Sons all have in common? They’re all white dudes who make rock music! Crosby’s comments are easily interpreted as rockist/racist, especially since all of his remarks insult Kanye’s intelligence, and especially after he stated that “rap isn’t music” on Twitter back in June. When Crosby threw shade at other musicians — most notably Phish, Mike Love, and Jim Morrison — his dissenting remarks were fairly tame. Say what you will about Kanye. Call him a talentless hack, or an egomaniac, or an asshole. But don’t call him “dumb as a post.” Crosby unleashed some new snark early this morning:

Fans chimed in and recommended that Crosby check out the South Park episode about Kanye, which Crosby apparently loved.

But hey, he’s not trying to pick any fights.