50 Cent Ordered To Pay $5M To Rick Ross’ Baby Mama For Sex Tape Fiasco

50 Cent and Rick Ross have been beefing for a long time, and back in 2009, a sex tape featuring Rick Ross’ baby mama Lastonia Leviston, her former boyfriend Maurice Murray, and a digitally inserted 50 Cent (as a commentator) appeared on the internet, supposedly uploaded by 50 Cent to get back at Ross. Leviston filed a lawsuit against 50 in 2010, claiming emotional distress and invasion of privacy, and 50 Cent filed another suit against Ross, claiming that Ross actually uploaded the tape and 50 just linked to it. As U.S. News reports, the original suit reached a verdict yesterday, with a jury ordering 50 Cent to pay $5 million to Leviston. The jurors will continue deliberating over the next week on possible further, punitive damages.