Media Jeweler – “Passport Invalid” (Stereogum Premiere)

Media Jeweler – “Passport Invalid” (Stereogum Premiere)

Los Angeles quartet Media Jeweler prepare to be known as a rock band, no subgenre modifiers allowed (nor “cold synths and hot beats,” though they did remix “Versace“). But I can’t help myself; the group’s antsy guitar music reminds me of a particular breed of indie rock band that roamed the Earth circa 1990-2002. Idiosyncratic guitar leads, frenetic rhythms, and trembling vocals that range from meek to assertive — it strikes me as a smart compendium of early Built To Spill’s twee guitar-pop, Slint’s seminal math-rock, and the world-conquering spasms of mid-period Dismemberment Plan. Or at least that’s how they sound on “Passport Invalid,” from the upcoming $99 R/T Hawaii. It’s immensely pleasing, and you can hear it below along with previous single “Autopilot.”

$99 R/T Hawaii tracklist:

01 “Looking Glass (Reprise)”
02 “No Exit”
03 “Passport Invalid”
04 “Autopilot”
05 “Untitled”
06 “Looking Back”
07 “Looking Glass”

Media Jeweler have a bunch of dates coming up in California, including tonight in Los Angeles:

07/13 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell w/ Slam Dunk, No Side
07/24 Pomona, CA @ dA Center For The Arts w/ The Lentils (ex-Happy Jawbone)

08/25 Los Angeles, CA @ Vega’s Meat Market w/ Balms, mAsis

08/30 Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell w/ Half Goon, Byrnes/Byers Duo, Man and the Smells
09/25 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra w/ Traps PS, French Vanilla, Prissy Whip

$99 R/T Hawaii is out 8/14.

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