Stream Day Wave Headcase EP

Stream Day Wave Headcase EP

Day Wave’s Headcase EP starts out on the happiest synth notes and poppiest drum beats, then flips the notion of being a bored child with nothing to do on its head. Jackson Phillips, the Oakland man behind Day Wave, sings:

“I’m not a kid anymore / I wake up at 1 / So what am I good for? / Besides trying to have fun / I do whatever I want / But I still want more / I do whatever I want / Why am I still bored?”

Between this and the falsettos and muted synths of “Total Zombie,” Day Wave provokes eerily similar feelings to those of 2010-era Cloud Nothings and Wavves, but where Nathan Williams is over the top, Day Wave is sincere. Where Dylan Baldi is long-winded, Day Wave is short, sweet, and to the point. Phillips tackles loneliness and rejection on “Drag,” self-doubt and confusion on the especially Wavves-like “We Try But We Don’t Fit In,” and self-deprecation on the title track, proving Day Wave isn’t just another beach band, but a beach band with complicated feelings and emotions beyond “I wanna get high” and “I wanna go to the beach.”

(via Fader)

Headcase is out 7/17.

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