Deadmau5 Slams David Guetta For Using Live Horses In Ibiza Club Show

EDM beef! Deadmau5 has been critical of the big-time dance music world in the past, despite being very much a part of that world. And now his festival-headliner peer David Guetta has given him a whole lot of ammunition. As Billboard reports, video recently surfaced of the opening night of Guetta’s Fuck Me I’m Famous residency in Ibiza. At that show, Guetta pulled the douched-out one-two punch of including both live horses and dancers with Native American headdresses in his show. Deadmau5 might perform with a giant lit-up mouse mask on his head, but this was too much for him. And he (justifiably, I think) lashed the fuck out at Guetta on Twitter. Below, watch the offending video and read what Deadmau5 had to say about it.

It’s amazing that that Coldplay remix was only the third-shittiest thing in that video.