Stream Naps You Will Live In A Cool Box

Stream Naps You Will Live In A Cool Box

Summers in Florida are hot and wet, best known for high humidity and the likelihood of hurricanes. Naps were formed in Tallahassee, and it’s clear they’ve taken in their environment. The debut EP, You Will Live In A Cool Box, is full of simple pop songs that are soggy and damp. Even when they go into noisier territory, like on the earnestly maudlin “Ellen Degenerate,” it’s tempered with a sluggish roll. Katryn Macko and Ryan Stanley trade off on vocal duties throughout the five songs here, and each of them brings an unassuming quality to the table that lends itself well to Naps’ even keel.

The biggest punch to the gut comes in the form of “Sandspurs,” a tender-hearted whisper to a love lost in the sand: “Does your dashboard still hold my hair? Did you clean it while I wasn’t there? Do you still feel it in the air? Am I still clinging to an old affair?” Those questions meander over the rest of the tracks, as the four-piece reflect on missed connections and the frayed edges of relationships. The EP ends on a cover of R.L. Kelly’s haunting “You’re Not The Only Monster From Hell,” a reminder that maybe we’re to blame for most of our mistakes. Listen below.

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Tour Dates (all w/ Cleats):
07/16 Tallahassee, FL @ All Saints Cafe w/ Kilo Tango, Yikes
07/17 Jacksonville, FL @ Rain Dogs w/ Dr. Sirbrother, Honey Chamber
07/18 Savannah, GA @ The Sentient Bean
07/20 Richmond, VA @ Sourhaus w/ Walkabout, Sammi Franzia Lanzetta
07/21 Washington, TC @ The Velvet Lounge w/ Grotto Girl, June Gloom, Southpaws
07/22 Philadelphia, PA @ Milhouse w/ Coping Skills, Anna Lad
07/23 New Brunswick, NJ @ Cooler Ranch/Burger King w/ Glazer, Wild Rice
07/24 Brooklyn, NY @ 603 Upstairs w/ American Pleasure Club, Long Neck, Sean Henry

You Will Live In A Cool Box is out now.

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