Watch 3 New Chemical Brothers Short Films For Born In The Echoes Tour

The Chemical Brothers are about to embark on a tour in support of their new album, Born In The Echoes (their first one in five years), and today they’ve shared some of the visuals that will be playing in the background at their shows. The clips were co-directed by Adam Smith, who has been working with the duo for more than two decades, and Marcus Lyall. “It really captures the feeling of the song,” Smith said of the visuals on the upcoming tour. “The discombobulation, the balance of fear and euphoria. We got amazingly visceral reactions from the people we cast. You can’t fake it in there โ€“ you’re forced to be very present.” Watch the short films for “Go,” “I’ll See You There,” and “EML Ritual” below. below.


“I’ll See You There”:

“EML Ritual”: