Twin Shadow Makes His Modeling Debut At Men’s Fashion Week

Twin Shadow, aka George Lewis Jr., is a very handsome man. He’s no stranger to the world of fashion either — he’s collaborated with fashion label Public School on various projects for years now, scoring all of their shows and occasionally performing live for them. Now, however, he’s moving on to modeling, making his official debut at the label’s show during this year’s inaugural Men’s Fashion Week. Here’s what he told Fashionista about the experience:

It was actually pretty easy, because the guys just asked us to have personality. We were supposed to play a character in that world, in that idea of the prison lineup. I mean, the whole idea behind a lineup is almost everyone there is wrongfully accused — there’s only one guilty person. I’m pretty glad I didn’t have to just stand there, though. I went to a few presentations where the models were just standing there, and that whole human gallery thing can be a little awkward.

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