Hear “Other People’s Imaginary Feast,” A Sound Collage By Nicolas Jaar, Julia Holter, William Basinski, Holly Herndon, And Friends

Nicholas Jaar, Julia Holter, Holly Herndon, William Basinski and a variety of other experimental electronic artists and producers formed a supergroup of sorts to create the collaborative sound collage “Other People’s Imaginary Feast.” Jaar’s label, Other People, put the group together in order to demo the concept of Sensory Percussion, a new technological development that aims to put a spontaneous twist into electronic beat-making. The Kickstarter description is as follows:

Sensory Percussion is a modern take on electronic drums that captures the true expressive nature of drumming. While standard trigger systems turn your drum into little more than an on/off button, Sensory Percussion listens and reacts, responding to the essence of your performance in real time.

Essentially, users can play an acoustic drum normally and the beat will come out sounding like whichever sample they chose to program it to. It’s way less robotic than a drum-machine, and more varied in tone than a sample-pad. This song was put together using the Sensory Percussion technology; listen to a clip of the track and check out a video of how the technology works below. The full audio can be found here.