Disclosure – “Moving Mountains” (Feat. Brendan Reilly)

Disclosure – “Moving Mountains” (Feat. Brendan Reilly)

Disclosure have shared another song from their sophomore album Caracal, and this one is as undeniably chill as “Holding On” was amped up. The Lawrence brothers have talked a lot about moving beyond their two-step garage roots into full-fledged pop music this time around, and “Moving Mountains” both does and doesn’t do that. On one hand, it’s the least beat-driven Disclosure song in memory, setting vocalist Brendan Reilly’s voice against an atmospheric synth-pad pillow-pile. On the other hand, it’s unmistakably the work of dance music producers, one jittery programmed drum track away from sounding like your average Disclosure song. A beat does drop near the end of the song, though it’s a lot more spacious and rap-oriented than you’ll usually hear from these guys. “Moving Mountains” debuted today on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show; listen here around the 1:29:45.

Caracal is out 9/25 via PMR/Island.

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