Meek Mill Unleashes Epic Twitter Tirade About Drake Not Writing His Own Raps

Rap Twitter pretty much exploded last night. While Nicki Minaj was attempting to get Taylor Swift to check her white privilege — and then calling out the media for pitting two women against each other — Nicki’s boyfriend Meek Mill was bringing the motherfucking ruckus. Meek started off his evening by making fun of Minaj’s ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels, but he quickly moved onto Drake, pretty much out of nowhere. Drake appeared on Meek’s song “Amen,” arguably Meek’s first real hit, and he also appears on “R.I.C.O.,” a track from Meek’s excellent new album Dreams Worth More Than Money. But now Meek is saying that he shouldn’t have allowed Drake onto the record because Drake didn’t write his own verse. Meek had some very strong opinions about this. Observe:

That last tweet is the name of Drake’s alleged ghostwriter. And as you can imagine, when Meek wrote this, all hell broke loose. Various minor rap figures — OG Maco, Kia Shine, Spaceghostpurrp — jumped in to claim one side or another, or to air out their own grievances. And as Miss Info points out, Meek’s label boss Rick Ross wrote, in a since-deleted Tweet, “Drake>>>>>>Meek.” Here’s Meek’s response to that:

And now we get to see a whole lot of shit: How Drake responds, how Nicki responds, whether this means Meek and Nicki are broken up now or what. People have already noticed that the adorable couples pictures of Nicki and Meek have started disappearing from their respective Instagrams. So yeah: This story isn’t going away anytime soon.