Watch James Corden & Paula Abdul Recreate The “Opposites Attract” Video

In the grand tradition of Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black remaking Extreme’s “More Than Words” video, James Corden gleefully exhumed another piece of iconic turn-of-the-’90s pop music on his Late Late Show last night. Corden had Paula Abdul as a guest on the show, and Abdul’s 1989 hit “Opposites Attract” was, famously, a horny duet with a rapping cartoon feline named MC Skat Kat. This naturally led to Corden and Abdul doing an elaborately choreographed lip-sync duet of the song, with Corden dressing up like a furry and becoming a whole new generation’s MC Skat Kat. Corden’s general desperation to go viral at all costs can be exhausting. But this was just an impressive piece of entertainment, with two extremely game people absolutely refusing to take themselves the tiniest bit seriously. It doesn’t exactly improve on the video in terms of general ridiculousness, but it’s still a lot of fun. Check it out, along with the original “Opposites Attract” video, below.

Seriously, though, how did that video ever happen in the first place?